Media Doctor Australia
 メディアドクター オーストラリア
Monitoring the quality of medical news reporting: early experience with media doctor since 2004. (Inactive in 2012)

Media Doctor Canada
 メディアドクター カナダ
Media Doctor Canada site is a partner website to Media Doctor Australia, and covers the media outlets in Canada. (Inactive in 2011)

Health News Review
 ヘルスニュースレビュー (米国)
医療記事の正確さを向上させるとともに、患者・一般市民がエビデンスに関する評価を行うことを支援することを目指している。 is a website based in the United States dedicated to:
* improving the accuracy of news stories about medical treatments, tests and procedures
* helping consumers evaluate the evidence for and against new ideas in health care
 ヘルスニュースレビュー ドイツ
German Health News Review is operated since 2010, examples of medical reporting are selected almost daily and evaluated by experienced science and medical journalists.

Media Doctor Hong Kong
Media Doctor Hong Kong is a sister site of the original Media Doctor. (Inactive)

Media Doctor India
Media Doctor India toolkit launched to evaluate quality of health stories in the Indian media.

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